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Connecticut Parents,

Organically removing 99.9% of the carcinogenic, airborne toxins from your home & office is what we guarantee.

Connecticut’s Health Dept. affirms, “Indoor air quality (IAQ) is your first line of defense for controlling asthma and allergy attacks at your home and office.”

Your IAQ can be up to 10x worse than outside. In Harford, that’s alarming, because Hartford’s ASTHMA rate of 20% is literally choking its citizens. Sadly, children and seniors are the most vulnerable. But now you can effectively control your IAQ.

Cleanse your air with the O2 BioHygienic™ AIR Purifier – natural removal of 99.9% of the toxins. HOW? Along with continuous airflow, the O2 creates a ‘neutral-ground’ to attract infinitely-suspended particulates (80% of the carcinogenic toxins in your home are infinitely-suspended). The O2 uses a water-based, organic filter media – always purifying at 100% efficiency with NO expensive filters to replace (as with HEPA & Carbon). NO other air purifier on the market consistently performs at this level (450+ sq. ft. coverage). Review science, testing and reviews:

The O2 retails at $299. Because you expressed interest in Asthma/Allergy mgt. you can purchase the O2 for $250 (use Coupon CODE: TM2900). You can purchase two units for $475 (use Coupon CODE: TM2901) * With your doctors prescription - purchase with your Healthcare Savings Account.

100% satisfaction guarantee
with a 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty.

OFFER ENDS 05/20/14

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