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Dear Friends,
I have spent the last 3 years designing and building WELL BY NATURE and I consider it my gift to the community. It is my hope that the beauty and peace of this space will be a sanctuary for those on the journey to health and well-being.

I made a commitment to myself from the beginning of this project to take my time and enjoy the process. There was something incongruous about stressing-out myself or making myself ill creating a wellness center!

I have partnered with professionals who have high standards, who keep their agreements and with whom it has been a pleasure to work. This has been a team effort in the fullest sense of the word and I have been privileged to work with many talented and dedicated people.

WELL BY NATURE has been my lesson in what can happen when I dream big, say YES to inspiration and step out in faith. And, of course, be willing to work a lot! But then, I already knew that one. This has truly been a labor of love for which I am both blessed and grateful. I hope it serves you well.



WELL BY NATURE is the evolving and inspired creation that is in response to the many requests of NATURE’S PANTRY’S customers who are seeking well-trained professionals devoted to health and well-being.

WELL BY NATURE offers complete health services and programs that literally support body, mind and soul. Each independent practitioner reflects the standard of excellence for which NATURE’S PANTRY has been known for the last 29 years.

Those standards require a depth of training and experience, so the search for additional people continues. In addition to the professionals listed, future services will include GYN MD, physical therapy, psychology, rolfing, personal training,facial rejuvenation, nutrition and a manicurist/pedicurist who uses natural products.

Two classroom spaces will offer a growing selection of movement, yoga, pilates and cooking classes, lectures and workshop opportunities. Your requests and suggestions for classes are both invited and welcomed.

The practitioners started meeting regularly before WELL BY NATURE opened to begin sharing the depth of experience and information from their diverse healing traditions and disciplines. Their collaboration is expanding the horizons of everyone and insuring the success of our commitment to offer integrated services. Ancient traditions combined with modern methods create the best of both worlds in a partnership that we feel will be both inclusive and effective.

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